We provide sustainable sourcing for the fashion industry. Through our OWN FACTORIES CAPABILITIES & our solid relationships with partner manufacturers and quality suppliers, ensures that we maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and international trade specialists.

Our highly competitive product prices and professional service fees position us to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume together with our partner suppliers in key low-cost.








As an ODM company, one of our key differentiating factors are our extensive in- house design department (designing the latest trends or according to your needs). Working closely with you, from your information and briefing provided, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of overall market trends (through primary and secondary research).


We have a growing involvement in sustainability. We want to make sure that fashion continues to be enjoyed by future generations. We believe in a “circular economy”, to create a truly sustainable fashion industry that is good for people and the planet, we need to take our work to the next level. We strive to serve our customers in a sustainable way with high quality.


We have our own design studio connected to our factories where we directly design, develop and manufacture the needed samples. This in-house competence and service of design and production results in an enormous gain of time, ultimately speeding up the process from the initial idea to receiving the real sample, as it’s no longer necessary to halt the product line to produce samples, or unique models. We always try to simplify and improve the process as much as possible, from the early start.


We are strongly committed to ensure best results for your business and therefore fulfill all conditions, including the most troublesome ones, such as timelines for execution, shipment, and legal trading assessment. Few others dare go this far. • Do you need to book the shipment on a given date or negotiate your shipment insurance? - We can do it. • Do you need to close the operational budget, ensuring all milestones are reached within a specific timeline? - We guarantee its fulfillment • Do you need to track the shipment and produce all legal trading documentation in order to keep total control? - We can take care of it.







We Are Experts In Your Industry With our extensive network of OWN & partner factories, IN CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE REGION, we have an enormous advantage at finding the best solution to your needs.

Furthermore, with our experienced team will be by your side from design to production and delivery. We are in this together.






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